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Diverse Customer Billing Software Solutions

If your current payment gateway only provides you with one way to accept payments from your customers, you should consider making the switch to Plug'n Pay so that you can expand your online billing services. Our customer billing software is extraordinarily flexible and entirely customizable to the needs of a diverse and ever-changing array of online sellers and industries. For example, if you wish to sell products or services that may require frequent re-ordering, you can set up subscription charges and shipments at any intervals you or your customers want. There are several other features of our online billing system that can't be found in those of our competitors. Keep exploring plugnpay.com for more details, or try out our demos to see this software in action.

A Powerful Online Billing System

Shopping on the Internet is an experience that still places many consumers on their guard, which subsequently places even greater customer service expectations on eCommerce sites. When you use our online billing system, you can help to instill confidence within your customer base by giving them the fastest and most reliable order confirmations. Because our system works faster than many of our competitors', your customers can benefit from nearly instantaneous e-mail confirmations on all of their orders. Our billing recurring software also features some of the most robust security features in the eCommerce services market. Be sure to leverage the safety and reliability of Plug'n Pay's systems in your efforts to win over the trust of your prospective customers and grow your business.

Billing Recurring Software for Subscriptions

Successful business owners typically know how to improve their shopping experience to better suit their customers. One of the ways in which many of our clients are using the WebXpress Gateway to improve their stores is to leverage our billing recurring software for added customer convenience. Once this program has been customized, customers can elect to receive automatic shipments and make automatic payments for standardized products on a continuous basis. If your customer billing software doesn't permit this feature, take a few more minutes to browse through our Solutions page and learn what else Plug'n Pay can allow your business to do.