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The Efficient Online Billing Service

Some of the major payment gateways operating today are so burdened by their own server traffic that they're unable to process customer orders with any great speed. But at Plug'n Pay, we understand that customer expectations for online billing service are higher than ever, which is why we ensure the most efficient processing around the clock. With the peak performance of our dedicated servers, the customers of Plug'n Pay clients experience incredibly fast credit card and e-check approval and receive their customized e-mail confirmations almost immediately. The efficiency of our one-time and recurring billing software results in consistent and convenient customer shopping experiences, which builds goodwill and encourages future purchases. If you feel as though your payment gateway is in need of an upgrade, just contact the experts at Plug'n Pay to learn more about how our premium billing software can add more power to your eCommerce site.

Recurring Billing Software is Easy

If your customers want to buy your products on an ongoing basis, that's always a good thing. But you can encourage their enthusiasm for your products by making repeat orders easier through our recurring billing software. The simple user interface of this electronic billing software makes it a breeze to set up subscription purchasing programs for any or all of your products. In fact, we've designed all of our software and Web-based products to be completely easy to use. If you need more help or information after experiencing the demos of our online billing service, data security features and other client utilities, just navigate to the Support section of plugnpay.com for these helpful resources:

  • Complete product documentation
  • Downloads for supported shopping cart modules
  • An extensive FAQ section
  • A glossary of common terms
  • The latest Gateway System Status report

If you still would like more help, don't hesitate to contact our most knowledgeable experts via e-mail at support@plugnpay.com.