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User-Friendly Shopping Cart Secure Server

When it comes to shopping cart interfaces, the needs and priorities of your customers aren't hard to identify and understand. They're simply looking for a reliable shopping cart secure server with an easy-to-use interface. At Plug'n Pay, we haven't attempted to bog down our interface with new features that add nothing to the customer experience; we've simply maximized the security levels of our system and streamlined the entire process to give your customers the most convenient way to buy online. Enhanced with robust credit card fraud protection features, this web site shopping cart addition helps to protect both the interests of our clients and those of their customers. For complete details on how our ecommerce internet solutions stack up against our competitors' systems, just continue your tour of plugnpay.com.

Trustworthy Credit Card Fraud Protection

The Plug'n Pay WebXpress Gateway system comes standard with powerful fraud safeguards from FraudTrak. This advanced credit card fraud protection feature will help you to prevent fraudulent orders before they have a chance to translate into actual purchases. And if you're looking for even more client privacy protection from illicit purchases of this type, you may upgrade your service to include FraudTrak Plus or RiskTrak. You'll find complete explanations of these optional card credit gateway online payment safeguards here on plugnpay.com. Just navigate to the Solutions page and follow the FraudTrak Plus Security Tools link to learn more.

Card Credit Gateway Online Payment

The best payment gateways are the ones that provide worry-free, automated functionality to business owners that already have enough to fuss over. Our powerful card credit gateway online payment system has been engineered to work for our clients, not the other way around. Both credit card and e-check orders are processed in real time, and considerations such as state, county and city taxes are always calculated instantly and automatically. The payment gateway integrates seamlessly with our shopping cart secure server, powered by the most reliable UNIX infrastructure, Sun servers and Oracle software. When Plug'n Pay powers your Web-based business, it frees up your time so that you can focus on your unique business goals.