Paying commissions to referring sites means more links to your site, and more links to your site means more sales! The Plug'n Pay Affiliate Management Program is designed to enable our customers to do just that - sign-up and manage a network of affiliates. Our referral tracking system identifies the referring site (i.e. banner) and "tags" each customer's computer for identification at the time of purchase, assuring proper credit for the sale.

There are several key differences about this program that sets it apart from other affiliate management programs. Most notably:

Data Separation - Separates shipping and tax charges so commissions can be paid on net sales.

Recurring Commissions - When paired with our Membership Management service, allows commissions to be paid on recurring subscription payments.

Separate Commission Rates - Separate commission rates can be applied to 1-time and recurring payments.

Banner Tracking - It can track banner impressions, banner click throughs and banner sales, thereby allowing different banners to be tested for effectiveness.

Self-Serving Admin Area - Allows affiliates to login to track their own results, obtain newly offered banners & perform other affiliate operations.

Transaction Linking - Tied to existing order database so minimum setup work is required.

Self Sign-Ups - Allows affiliates to easily/quickly sign themselves up.


Click here to contact sales and we will be happy to send you complete information on this out of the box program - just give us your email - no phone follow up required.

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