Billing Presentment is the latest product from Plug'n Pay's development team and it is targeted at helping our customers simplify their invoice payment options with their E-business.

As a merchant, utilizing only email addresses of your existing customers, you can easily generate online invoices tailored for payments due. Your customers are provided with a free online interface, designed to allow them to review & pay their bills quickly and easily.

How it works:

• The participating merchant determines when an invoice needs to be applied & when the invoice's payment needs to be completed by.

• The merchant uploads said invoices, with each invoice keyed to the email address of the customer.

• Customers may subscribe for free to pay their bills online, using the email address they have provided to the merchant.

• Customer then logs in to the billing presentment admin area, with their email address & chosen password.

• Customer is guided through a one-time online registration process, setting up their contact & billing information.

• Once registration is complete, the customer can easily view their invoices from the participating merchants & pay any outstanding bills quickly.

The Plug'n Pay system fully tracks each invoice's payment & knows which payment types/options each participating merchant accepts.

The result is a comprehensive online bill payment program for use by both customer and merchant, that helps simplify their invoice/bill payment needs.


Use With Other Payment Methods - Allows you to use this in conjunction with other methods of payment, such as with printed invoices/bills received via the postal service.

Single & Multi Payment Options - Allows you to easily specify if an invoice is paid via a single payment or across multiple installments.

Simple Merchant Interface - Easily import/export invoice information from your admin area.

Consolidated Customer Interface - Allows customer to easily see & pay for all invoices from all participating merchants.

Fully Integrated - No special integration with your web site is required. Merchants upload their invoices using our secure admin area & customers are given access to a dedicated interface on our secure servers to review invoices & make payments.

Free To Your Customers - Your customers can sign-up for free & pay outstanding invoices any time day or night.

Totally Automated Service - The billing presentment service is fully automated, allowing merchants to simply upload their invoice and let our service do the rest of the work for you.

Automatic Customer Payments - Customers can elect to pay select merchants automatically, whenever a new invoice is uploaded by that company, using a pre-registered credit card or checking account on file.


Click here to contact sales and we will be happy to send you complete information on this out of the box program - just give us your email - no phone follow up required.

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