Billing Presentment Lite Service

Billing Presentment Lite is the latest product from Plug'n Pay's development team and it is targeted at helping our customers simplify their payment options with their E-business.

As a merchant, simply point your customer's browser a special URL, and then your pre-configured order/configuration is instantly passed to our Smart Screens payment method for checkout. This remotely hosted solution utilizes PlugnPay's payment gateway technology for a quick and easy checkout process, without the need to host an order form on your website.

How it works:

• The merchant works with our payment gateway staff to pre-configure an order/configuration template for usage with our BillPay Lite feature.

• The merchant includes the pre-defined URL in whatever media the merchant gives to the customer.

• Customers goes to said URL & is immediately redirected to our Smart Screens payment method's billing page to pay for the pre-configured transaction.

• The rest of the checkout process follows our normal Smart Screens payment method's transaction authorization & processing procedures.

Just like with normal Smart Screens orders, the Plug'n Pay system fully tracks each payment & knows which payment types/options each participating merchant accepts. The result is a comprehensive single bill payment program, that helps simplify a merchant's payment needs.


Compatible With Smart Screens Features/Options - Allows merchants to utilize this in conjunction with all available Smart Screens based features/options; such as with our basic FraudTrak & Account Settings features, and optional premium services including Coupon Management, Membership Management, Digital Download, etc...

Secure Interface - Utilizes only SSL encrypted pages/scripts on our secure payment gateway servers.

Consolidated Interface - Allows customer to easily pay for a pre-configured order, without needing to visit the merchant's web site.

Fully Integrated - No special integration with your web site is required. Merchant simply points customer to a simple/static pre-defined URL to make the payment.

Part Of Basic Gateway Service - Ability to use BillPay Lite is part of the core payment gateway service. Authorization fees apply normally.

Totally Automated Service - The billing presentment lite service is fully automated, once configured. Simply point customer to the URL & you're done.

Click here to contact sales and we will be happy to send you complete information on this out of the box program - just give us your email - no phone follow up required.

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