ePayments Mobile Terminal

Plug’n Pay Technologies is pleased to announce our latest product developed to expand the sales opportunities for our Plug’n Pay customers.

The ePayments mobile payment terminal for Android and iPhone smartphones will allow you to process credit card payments using your smartphone. Our ePayments mobile terminal uses a free downloadable app available on the Apple and Android websites and works with the Apple iPhone, IPad and iPad Touch and Android phones and tablets.

We have designed the ePayments mobile application to comply with all PCI and data encryption requirements.

Any customer who currently has a Plug’n Pay gateway can download the app to their smartphone and start doing key entered transactions or with the addition of a MagTek Bullet swipe reader start doing swipe transactions within minutes.

And once the mobile terminal has completed a sale the transaction will be included with all the features of the Plug’n Pay gateway’s reporting and administrative tools.

Just go to the iTunes Store for your Apple device or the Android Market for your Android device and download the free app.

Click here to contact sales and we will be happy to send you complete information on this out of the box program - just give us your email - no phone follow up required.

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