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SOURCE: Plug & Pay Technologies Inc.

Plug & Pay Technologies announces the availability of Dynamic Currency Conversion Payment Terminal for Retail Merchants

Cutting-edge product, powered by Planet Payment, is first known DCC-enabled POS device commercially deployed in U.S. market

Hauppauge, NY, March 15, 2004

Plug & Pay Technologies, Inc., one of the nation's leading secure Internet gateways, announced today that it has successfully launched its retail payment Point of Sale terminal with the added functionality of Dynamic Currency Conversion. Powered by Planet Payment, the leader in dynamic currency conversion processing solutions, Plug'n Pay's innovative payment terminal is the first commercial application of DCC in the US market using a POS terminal device from a major payment-technology manufacturer.

The popular VeriFone® Omni 3750 payment terminal was chosen by Plug'n Pay due to its SSL and IP/Ethernet capability. Transactions are securely routed over the internet (Retail over IP) to the world-class payment gateway infrastructure of Plug'n Pay and then onto any of the major credit card payment processors. Retail merchants using this new product get the functionality of a traditional high-speed point-of-sale terminal along with all the value-added services to which Plug'n Pay e-Commerce merchants have long been accustomed, including real-time online transaction reporting and management. Using this new product, e-Commerce merchants with "brick and mortar" establishments can now seamlessly integrate their online and physical-world payment processes into one service provider.

In addition, merchants using the Plug'n Pay retail payment terminal can also enjoy the benefits of Dynamic Currency Conversion. Utilizing Planet Payment's conversion system, the Plug'n Pay retail payment terminal can identify a transaction from a customer using a credit card issued by a foreign card provider and present the customer with a choice, at the time of the sale, to complete the transaction in either the merchant's currency or the cardholder's home currency.

Planet Payment performs the conversion at an exchange rate competitive to that which would be offered by the customer's credit card provider. If the cardholder chooses to pay in his home currency, the Plug'n Pay Omni 3750 prints a receipt, including the transaction amount in the merchant's currency and the cardholder's home currency, together with the applicable exchange rate, for the cardholder's signature. The cardholder's credit card is billed in exactly the amount that appears on his receipt.

"Plug'n Pay has always been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge credit card processing solutions to our Internet merchants," said David Price, President of Plug'n Pay. "Our merchants have been asking us to apply the superior technology and features that we offer for e-Commerce transactions - such as dynamic currency conversion for international transactions - to their 'brick and mortar' stores, and our introduction of the Omni 3750 answers those requests. We are extremely pleased to be bringing this new Point-of-Sale capability to our customers and having DCC by Planet Payment also available on the retail terminal is an ideal combination of services."

About Plug & Pay Technologies, Inc.

Plug'n Pay, founded in 1996, is a leading provider of payment and digital fulfillment solutions for Internet merchants. Plug'n Pay's payment systems allow merchants to accept and manage both credit card and electronic check payments in a secure environment. Plug'n Pay's industry leading digital fulfillment systems allow merchants to offer digital goods for real-time fulfillment and to manage and maintain online membership and recurring billing services. Plug'n Pay is integrated with the most complete selection of the payment industry's processing centers which allows them to provide their on-line payment solutions to any and all customers. Plug'n Pay's services can be located through its web site,, or through its reseller partners.

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Randy Ridings, VP Sales
800.945.2538, x8544

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Thomas J. DeLuca
SVP, Corporate Development
516.670.3200, ext 118

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